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Olitz forever but I genuinely liked the scandal finale.

Also I’m a tad inebriated. And I felnn like now is the best time to email you


lookit his cute little smile!!!

I have this same break down relapse fucky fucky bad feeling thing every year around this time


somebody HOLD MEEEEEE!!!!!! please..i cant!! noo olivia!! nooo *ugly cry*



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In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madame President or Mrs. President?
6-year-old child, addressing Hillary Clinton (via usnews)

I’ve been saying the SVU of today is much different from the SVU of yesterday for quite a while but I guess that’s life. It disappoints me but I guess I’m not the same person I was 10-15 years ago so it’s understandable that my show isn’t the same? Specially with different writers, different actors. I mean it’s unfortunate for me but I guess the new school fans are enjoying and are hopefully learning a thing or to?

The rape joke is 
I was six when I found out the world is cruel

And that sex didn’t always mean love

The rape joke is

When he finished
I got coconut icecream

So I wouldn’t cry

Loud enough for his

Parents to hear

The rape joke is

When I taste coconut now
I gag because all I taste is him

And his smile haunts me

He’s in almost everything I do

And I bet he doesn’t even remember
My name

The rape joke is

He must be married already with kids now

And I still carry scars

On my thighs that are named

After him

And I can’t sleep at night
Because I wonder

If his kids are eating coconut Icecream too
And I cry

The rape joke is

When I told my mom
She said I made it up
And I just wanted attention
My ex best friend laughed at me

When I told her about
How afraid I was that it

Would happen again

The rape joke is

Out of everyone I’ve met
Half have told me their

Innocence was stolen

By him or by her

And none of the criminals

Found themselves in prison 

Instead they all got 
And they got panic attacks

In the school bathroom
When they share their story

The rape joke is

I was six, and he was my babysitters son

So it’s a tragedy

But if I was raped today

They’d blame it on my short dress
or my attitude

The rape joke is

At certain age

You become the crime scene

And the culprit

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You can see the exact moment where it goes
And then it falls in.

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